A movement to redefine and restore the definition of beauty according to God’s original intent and design. We are passionate about celebrating women and empowering them to be the fullness of who they have been created to be. We are artists, activists, and dreamers seeking to be a voice that will connect women, shift culture and fight the injustice of modern day slavery. 

A note from founder & director, Leah Joanino

It brings me so much joy seeing a woman who is confident in who she is; a woman who finds her worth in God and empowers those around her. Our hope through Crowns of Beauty is that our content would cause women to feel empowered and confident in all that God says about her. Our hope is that when you encounter life stories here from other women like yourself that you no longer feel alone in your journey. That’s why I’ve created the series, “Connect with Her” so that in some ways, we can be assured that we're not crazy or alone in the ups, downs and in-betweens of life. We can connect and learn from each other's vulnerability encouraging each other to seek truth and to keep going! My hope is that together, we can let go of the false pressures and expectations of the world over us and know that we are enough - more than enough!

My hope is that we would recognize who we are as world-changers and that we turn our attention to those who need our help and need us to be their voice.  This is my vision for “Set Her Free” where we will provide content that will shine light on the issue of sex trafficking. This isn't just an issue for those "called to fight against sex trafficking". I strongly believe that this is an issue that affect all women and thus, an issue we need to all take a stand on. My hope is that we stand up for justice and that we activate ourselves to bring change where there’s needed. As we are liberated, we liberate those around us.

My hope is that women would feel celebrated through Crowns of Beauty which is why I have the “Celebrate Her” series because we get to celebrate each other! We get to champion one another. This is where I get to highlight women that I have the honor of crossing paths with and allow them to tell us about their journey. We don’t have to compare and contrast our stories with hers. We don’t have to feel like her success robs us of ours but we get to celebrate her story, rejoice in her dreams and be empowered by her journey! 

Thank you for visiting Crowns of Beauty and taking the time to visit. This is just the beginning. Thank you for journeying with us. Together, we can redefine and restore beauty according to God's original intent and design. While doing so, we are transforming culture! I hope it blesses you!