Being single is hard. It’s hard to celebrate others fully without questioning my own history and future. It is hard to be confident knowing God will provide in His timing when you feel like you’re running late for a train that everyone else is already on. It’s hard to hear well meaning comments like “it’ll happen when you least expect it”. That’s like telling a person lost at sea clutching a raft to pop the raft and then a boat will probably come. (Being single is also awesome for so many glorious reasons but that would ruin my rant.)

So I realized I have two ways of looking at it. One is building a house. That’s kind of what love is to me. Sometimes you have to take down the old walls. Then you build brick by brick. Maybe this is the time to make sure that foundation is set. Because if it’s not, you’re going to have to tear down that house anyway and rebuild and rebuild until your foundation is solid. Foundation: your heart, your identity, your faith, your insecurities, your way of relating to the world. Build THAT first. Figure THAT out. Focus on THAT. 

Secondly: here’s the thing, one day... us fabulous single people... we will be having an argument with our spouses about leaving socks around the house and thinking back on the days when we were single and free. Not realizing we spent too many of those precious days wishing we had something we didn’t. 

Us human beings hate uncertainty. We want to know. Sometimes though we have to learn to be comfortable in the unknown. Allow the mystery to unfold. Relinquish the desire to know it all. Admit that it’s hard! Go back to our foundations. And continue to invest in our futures, whatever they may hold.

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Andi Long

Founder of Bloom Foundation

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